Just the facts

I primarily like to focus on web design and css/xhtml development but will happily turn my hand to a range of other things including;

  • Flash games / applications
  • Wordpress customisation
  • PHP/SQL development
  • Cups of tea

Get in touch


You can find me at various other places all over the interweb (I get around a bit). But you probably want to start in the following places..

  • Blog. My blog where I try to write about interesting things. You might stumble on something you like.
  • Flickr. I've been quite lucky to have travelled a fair bit, taking pictures of pretty things all over the world. Go look.
  • Twitter. Just in case you wonder what I'm up to every hour of the day. I'm mostly at work, but it's occasionally more exciting.

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Web design, PHP development, graphics, photography, all that stuff.


Projects. Coming soon.

If you're reading this, something went wrong, or you're far too nosy. Either way, there's nothing to see here.